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Easter Best Casual Yet Fitting

Men’s Mid-Spring Outfits: A Bright Easter
Attire Club

There are a lot of ways you can dress for Easter (or early spring), but if you want to stay in tandem with the season, our recommendation this year would be to keep it light and bright.

Even though you might need to pay more attention when you will be enjoying those chocolate Easter eggs, going pastel, or chalky as manly men call it, is something you should give a go.

Male Students: How to upgrade your style

Five Easy Ways for Male Students to Upgrade Their Style
By: Antonio Centeno
The Art of Manliness

The purpose of this article is to help the college student make small changes in his wardrobe that will lead to a big return on improving his personal presentation.  Individually–they will have little effect.  Act on them collectively, and you’ll elevate your personal style.